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March 2012



Howard Stern Responds to Elle MacPherson’s Anti-Semitic Remark — “It Was Weird”

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Howard Stern responded to Elle MacPherson’s anti-Semitic comment today, saying, “It did strike me as odd. I didn’t get offended by it. But it did take me aback.” Stern said that he “felt like [he] was back in high school and one of the popular girls was making fun of [him].” Robin Quivers then chimed in, saying, “Yes, she was very mean-girlish.” Though I appreciate Stern’s effort to be kind to MacPherson by downplaying the issue, I still maintain that it was an anti-Semitic remark. When you talk about cultural stereotypes with a negative undertone, you tread on thin ice, especially when it’s not your religion your discussing. And furthermore, she mentioned his religion one too many times for it to be ignored. I’m not suggesting she’s a bigot. But she needs to be more responsible.

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