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April 2012



Christina Aguilera Performs “Fighter” on The Voice — In a Leotard

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While I usually don’t comment on a celebrity’s weight, I am making an exception for Christina Aguilera — who deserves it. If you’re going to prance around the stage wearing next to nothing, then be prepared for the internet backlash about you being too overweight to wear a leotard. Is there something called reverse body dysmorphia? If not, here’s The Dishmaster’s definition — thinking you’re skinny enough to wear an outfit that shows off your very large ass. And that’s not to say I have something against large asses. In fact, my ass most certainly falls into the “larger” category (especially when naked in front of the mirror). I even have a girl crush on Jennifer Lopez. That being said, Christina Aguilera can’t pull this off. It’s unacceptable. To be fair though — I have to point out that her singing chops really illustrated how terrible the contestants on The Voice are in comparison. She seriously showed them up. Watch below.

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