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May 2012



Christina Aguilera Hates Tony Lucca — Also Hates Everyone

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Not a day goes by where I won’t point out how much I dislike Christina Aguilera. Today’s edition is about Tony Lucca, who Christina Aguilera took some serious time to criticize while commenting on Katrina Parker’s performance. In short, she outwardly advised Adam Levine to pick Parker instead of Lucca, telling Levine to reject “the obvious choice.” First, Christina Aguilera obviously has some residual Mickey Mouse Club animosity (which might include a hatred for fellow Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake who supports Lucca). Second, she’s a terrible judge. Lucca is the “obvious” choice because he will be the most successful in the industry. Katrina Parker isn’t even close. And lastly, none of Aguilera’s former team members from last season became successful after the show, which means she’s also a bad coach. Watch both performances below.

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