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September 2012



Howard Stern on Dr. Phil’s Dina Lohan Interview: “He’s a Bloated Bully”

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“Dr. Phil is such an asshole. It’s like he’s beating up a retarded person. How are you helping that woman by lecturing her on television and telling her what a moron she is? He’s such a fucking bull shit artist. If she had any brains, she would have said, “Are you a real doctor?” At least Dr. Drew is good at pretending he cares. Dr. Phil doesn’t even pretend he cares. He’s just a fucking asshole. It’s not like he’s exposing Watergate. He took a woman who is obviously disturbed . . . . You fuck. Let’s take every disturbed person and you can sit there with that smug, fat, bloated look on your face. He’s a bully. He’s beating up on a woman who’s a complete mess. He’s like a parent who just lectures you to death. I can’t stand that prick. I want him to come on here so I can yell at him. Let’s see him stand up to me.” Howard Stern’s hilarious and appropriate on “Dr.” Phil.

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