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November 2012



Christina Aguilera Insults Previous ‘Voice’ Winners — Trashy Take-Down

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Fans of The Dishmaster are well aware of my vitriolic hatred for Christina Aguilera. I’ve often been asked why, and all I can say is that I have it on good authority that she’s the world’s worst human being. Though I’m aware there are dictators of foreign countries worthy of that title, let’s keep the umbrella to entertainment and refrain from sending me emails about my desire to exaggerate. She treats people like shit, and in the world of The Dishmaster — that’s simply unacceptable. To be fair, I hear she’s an equal opportunity shitter, given that she acts this way despite one’s status. So what sparked my current level of hate-spewing? When her contestant, Dez Duron, got eliminated, she tore down her trash-house by hurling insults at the prior winners (see Javier Colon & Jermaine Paul), while simultaneously taking credit for Chris Mann, who she proclaims to have been the real winner of previous seasons. Nothing says classy like insulting the contestants on your one-big-happy-family show. And Adam Levine — if you’re reading this — stop defending Christina Aguilera in your public interviews. It makes you look bad, and it’s beneath you.