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June 2013



Paula Deen & Hollis Johnson — The Racism Continues

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I’ve never met a racist who identifies as racist. In fact, Paula Deen’s ease of recounting her use of racist terms in her law suit is not shocking, given that bigots egocentrically assume the world is on their side. After all, isn’t everyone racist?

The latest update about Paula Deen’s collapsed empire is a video from a New York Times interview, in which Deen openly discusses racism, referring to her family’s devastation about the end of the Civil War. According to Deen, her grandfather was extremely depressed about having “no one to operate his plantation.” And by “no one,” she means slaves. The worst part of the video; however, revolves around a man named Hollis Johnson, who works for Deen. Deen calls him to the stage as if he’s her pet, and seemingly feels she deserves a medal for having a black friend whom she treats as an equal. Watch below.