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August 2013



Real Housewives of Orange County Recap — Ryan Accosts Lydia’s Mother

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If all this time you thought Vicky Gunvalson’s boyfriend Brooks was the problem, then I’m guessing you share my shock from the latest episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, where Vicky’s son-in-law Ryan Culberson accosted Lydia McLaughlin’s sweet mother who unassumingly placed her feet on the couch. Ryan preached disrespect while simultaneously hurling profanities and insisting he’d “kick her ass out.” The only moment of relief came when the haughty blowhard attempted to proclaim that he “owned” the house, only to quickly correct himself and say, “I live here.” There’s been hints of his poor behavior, with the ungrateful house guest banning Vicky’s boyfriend from the premises, attempting to drive a wedge in Briana Wolfsmith’s relationship with her mother by constantly threatening to move out. The kid needs sever anger management. Here’s hoping he gets help. Watch a clip below.