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January 2014



Jay Leno on 60 Minutes: “Everyone Gets Screwed Eventually”

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According to Jay Leno, “Show business pays you a lot of money, because eventually you’re going to get screwed.” Leno’s comment on 60 Minutes refers to his departure from The Tonight Show, which has been widely questioned because of Jay’s current number one status. NBC’s assumed motivation is based on their prediction that Fallon represents the future, and Leno has a shelf-life. And this time around — no one anticipates a Conan catastrophe.

Though I’ve always liked Leno, and I’ve personally heard he’s a consummate gentleman, it’s hard to feel sorry for the guy that once hid in a closet during the Letterman/Leno rivalry for the post-Carson Tonight Show. And let’s not forget Jay’s infamous agent Helen Kushnick, who is credited with planting false rumors in an effort to force Johnny into premature retirement. Though Leno later fired Kushnick claiming ignorance to her antics, the exact details of Jay’s knowledge remain a mystery. In fact, Letterman is thought to be largely responsible for Leno’s popularity, having given him many segments on his own show. As for Conan, there’s not much to say. Conan did to Jay what Jay did to Dave, and as previously mentioned, it’s also hard to feel sorry for the guy who plotted to take another guy’s job. It’s time for Jay Leno to change his mantra to, “What goes around comes around.”