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March 2014



Can ‘The Voice’ Rig Votes? — Contract Exposed!

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The-VoiceWhile it doesn’t surprise me that contestants of NBC’s ‘The Voice’ are subject to immense contractual restrictions, it certainly surprises me that the show can override the voting system. ‘The Voice’ revolves around the viewing public, so it’s shocking that NBC is given the authority to arbitrarily veto their votes. In fact, this revelation might shed light on why ‘The Voice’ has yet to find a star. The idea behind shows like ‘American Idol’ has always been to let the public pick their star, because industry insiders aren’t always right. To eliminate that feature is to undermine the integrity and purpose of the process. It’s unclear whether this elimination power has ever been executed, but many suggest it might explain Judith Hill’s shocking departure last season.  As for who leaked this and why, I’m guessing someone with sour grapes got the idea.