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March 2014



Jimmy Fallon Threatens Celebs? NBC Ices Rival Networks

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Not since the days of Jay Leno’s infamous manager, Helen Kushnick, did The Tonight Show resort to guest-threats to book their show. According to TMZ, NBC won’t allow guests who have appeared on rival networks, notably ABC or CBS. The irony of this angle isn’t only the backlash of Kushnick’s tactics at the time, but also that Fallon’s brand is predicated on kindness, and this directly contradicts that reputation. The other issue is that it makes Fallon appear weak, as if he has to resort to schoolyard tactics to crush his competitors. While he might have little control over the choice, everyone involved should take notes about how this type of behavior permanently damaged Leno’s reputation amongst both his peers and the public, and act accordingly. My advice is to do a very quick about-face and publicly deny the story while privately cleaning up the mess.