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March 2012



Katya Zharkova Poses With Anorexic Model — Proves Modeling Industry Must Change

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I love curvy women. In fact, all of my celebrity girl-crushes have curves (see Selma Hayek & Jennifer Lopez). I’m not sure when it became hot for a woman to look like a little boy, but it’s gross, and it should end. And though I walk out of the room backwards when there’s a man in my bed, the Plus Model Magazine images below have certainly helped with my process. Look below to see America’s Next Top Model contestant, Katya Zharkova, posing naked in heels, and click here to read some startling statistics about the modeling industry.




March 2011



America’s Next Top Model — Does Tyra Banks Show-Up the Contestants?

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Everyone knows that the true purpose of America’s Next Top Model is for Tyra Banks to out-hot every girl in America. Each show often consists of photo-shoot competitions, which begin with a picture of Tyra followed by a picture of every contestant. I’m surprised the contestants don’t cry when they see Tyra’s picture. An example of this can be seen in the intro below, which includes Tyra in a tight yellow leotard doing some sexy poses. She’s followed by each contestant also trying to do sexy poses — only they’re not sexy. I’d like to note that I also put on my tight yellow leotard and attempted to duplicate these moves in the privacy of my own home. It didn’t go well.