Is Taylor Swift Angry Over Kanye’s Naked Photo of Her?

kanye west

I’ve always maintained that nudity and sex are the least creative choices to promote one’s art, and yet every celebrity over uses the vehicle. Kanye West proved me wrong when he debuted his new ‘Famous’ music video, which features naked celebrities laying in bed together. It’s original, creative, and . . . weird. Why this group, and how did he achieve the optical illusion? Many have remained silent, except George W. Bush, whose team insists he’s in much better shape than his depiction, which is likely true considering the former President’s penchant for a long, morning run. Some have also rightfully acknowledged that the women’s privates are exposed while the men’s are not. Taylor Swift is also predictably angry, because she’s humorless. You have to hand it to Kanye, he might be nuts, but sometimes it works in his favor.