Christina Aguilera v. Tony Lucca & Adam Levine — A “B*tch”?

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Christina Aguilera for confirming to the outside world what industry insiders have known for years — she’s a huge bitch. This confirmation took place on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice,’ when Christina outwardly criticized Tony Lucca and Adam Levine’s song choice, objecting to the lyric, “99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one.” According Radar Online, the fight between Levine and Aguilera started earlier today, and it obviously continued on-air. Apparently, she felt the lyric in question was specifically directed at her, presumably because . . . well . . . if the shoe fits. After Lucca performed, Aguilera’s disdain became immediately clear when she claimed the lyrics were “derogatory toward women.” And since Adam Levine is a complete badass, he explained to the audience that the lyric isn’t about women in general, but it’s a metaphor for anything bringing you down. Aguilera didn’t buy it, and a verbal brawl began. But Levine cleverly had the last word, removing his button-down to reveal a “Team Xtina” shirt. As an aside, Tony Lucca killed it, and Adam Levine is unequivocally the best coach. Maybe she can ask him for advice if her option gets renewed. Watch below.