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August 2010



Are Elin Nordegren & Sandra Bullock Friends? — Elin Talks to People About Tiger

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I just finished reading Tiger Woods’ ex-wife’s interview with People magazine, and I couldn’t help but be reminded of Sandra Bullock’s recent tell-all interview with People.  So did Elin Nordegren take a note from Sandra’s book about how to discuss your husband’s infidelity?  I’m not sure — but both interviews are equally moving.  Amongst the many revelations, I particularly enjoyed the following admissions: she had no idea that Tiger cheated and she’s embarrassed that she never caught on; she never beat him with a golf club; she is currently in therapy to deal with everything; she’s getting a degree in psychology; and she tried very hard to salvage the marriage, but the trust was irretrievably broken.  While that was all worded in a very touching and heart-breaking way, I haven’t yet revealed my favorite part of the interview.  Here goes — when asked how it feels to have so much money, Elin said “money doesn’t make you happy.”  Just before I had the chance to roll my eyes, I saw the next line, where she said, “but I have to be honest: It is making some things easier.”  I officially love her.  There is nothing worse than a woman with $100 million dollars opining platitudes like, “money doesn’t make you happy.”  You go girl!

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