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May 2011



Kevin Bacon Tells Howard Stern he Hates Weddings — Dreads Footloose Song

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Kevin Bacon had a very funny interview with Howard Stern today, where he disclosed his hatred for weddings, because the DJ always plays Footloose, followed by the entire wedding party’s expectation that Bacon dance to the song. As Bacon appropriately pointed out, weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom, and not about the guy who starred in Footloose. I suppose I found this story particularly funny, because I can relate. Though I didn’t star in Footloose, I find myself avoiding Bar Mitzvahs for fear that the DJ will play YMCA, and I’ll break out into a cold sweat while remembering my Bar Mitzvah laden childhood. I’ve often approached the DJ at Bar Mitzvahs and said, “listen, I spent an entire year of my life hearing that horrible song every weekend, and I would appreciate you not playing it. I’m sure you can predict what happens next — he plays it.