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February 2014



Jay Leno Leaves Late Night — See His Sad Goodbye

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It’s always sad when someone loses their job, no matter what the field. It’s especially sad when you feel as if you know that someone in question, and the entire country feels as if they know Jay Leno. His schmaltzy sense of humor landed him the number one spot for many years, and as Carson’s successor (rightful or not), it’s certainly the end of an era. But before my tribute gets too trite, let’s put this in perspective. How many people get to keep their job for 22 years? And how many of those people’s jobs pay millions? Plus, there is that whole Leno-Pushing-Carson -Out controversy, along with Leno-Stealing-Dave’s-Job. Hence, my sympathy has a shelf-life. I’ll miss Jay, though. He was old-school, pre online-oversaturation excellent. Watch below to see Jay’s sad goodbye. As for NBC, they’ve already moved on.