Seth Aaron Wins Project Runway – View his Collection

I finally watched the ‘Project Runway’ finale, and I was ecstatic to see Seth Aaron win. He was the kindest and humblest competitor, and he also consistently took Tim Gunn’s advice. I’ll never understand why the designers deflect the constructive criticism that comes with the show. (Are you listening Emilio Sosa?) If you’re interested in winning, perhaps you should listen to the very people that determine who wins. See Seth Aaron’s outstanding collection below.

‘Project Runway’ Designer Anthony Williams Calls Heidi Klum a "Hanger"

Anthony Williams, the recently ousted “Project Runway’ designer, made some very bold comments about Heidi Klum in an interview with Movieline.  When asked if he respected her opinion, he said “the only time I thought that her thoughts were of great merit in my mind was when she was talking to the models of the runway. Because that’s her profession. In my mind, she’s a beautiful hanger. In my house, hangers don’t talk.”  Wow, he sure said what I’ve been thinking for a long time.  She isn’t a designer.  She’s a model.  Certainly she can have a valuable opinion, but unlike Ellen Degeneres on ‘American Idol,’ the show doesn’t represent her as the layman.  See some pictures from Anthony’s Bryant Park collection.  He was amongst the top ten designers that showed at Fashion Week, but only the top three will make it to air.  It’s unfortunate that you won’t see his collection on television, because it is so stunning.