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May 2010



A New Show About "JAPS" is in the Works – I’m Offended

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Shows based on offensive stereotypes never bothered me much – until now. Why? Because I’m jewish and they are making a show about “JAPS.” I’m admittedly a hypocrite.  I remember in college when my friend freely threw around the word “JAP.”  So when I told him it’s an offensive term, he turned to my Japanese roomate for confirmation that I was being ridiculous. I think you could guess her response.  Apparently I need to make some phone calls and explain to a few more people why that is a disgusting word.  An unnamed production company is in search of “super Jappy groups of friends” for a new reality show.  If you also feel the need to educate these producers, please email  I wonder if they made up that email address to dodge criticism.

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