Blog Daily Roundup

  • Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are officially divorced. Radar Online
  • Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are married.  Just Jared
  • Melrose Place Star, Amy Locane, was charged with vehicular homicide.  Monsters and Critics
  • Vince Neil posts bail after DUI arrest.  Ace Showbiz
  • Steve Carell is leaving The Office.  Popcrunch
  • Former Victoria’s Secret model, Stephanie Seymour, is going through a messy divorce.  Page Six
  • The photographers from ‘Double Exposure’ respond to Lindsay Lohan calling them liars.  E! Online.
  • Former tennis star, Jennifer Capriati, allegedly suffered from a prescription pill overdose.  Cinema Blend
  • Bill Clinton says blow the well up in the Gulf.  New York Magazine

John Legend Says “Get a Life” – I Say “Get a Personality”

John Legend has always confused me.  Every time his name gets mentioned in the press, I think: who is John Legend?  Is he even famous?  My father then reminds me about how great he is, and to avoid the debate I just say, “sure dad, he’s great.”  Well, my confusion about John Legend has resurfaced, this time for a different reason.  Apparently, John Legend’s hairline was a trending topic on twitter, and he wasn’t pleased.  In response, he informed his “haters” that he is still “smarter, more talented, more successful, and better looking” than they all are.  Wow – all those tweeps must have their twit-pics up.  He can’t be smarter though, right?  If he was, he might actually have a sense of humor about this.   Then again, if the trending topic was about me and my gigantic schnoz, I might feel differently.

Michael Douglas’ Ex-Wife Still Wants his Money – It’s not Just Wall Street That’s Greedy

Call me a she-hater, but when I read that Michael Douglas’ ex-wife wants half of his Wall Street 2 paycheck, I almost tracked her number down to call her personally.  Are you kidding me?  Douglas’ divorce to Diandra Luker is considered one of the highest payouts in Hollywood history, estimated at nearly $45 million dollars.  Only Kevin Costner and Steven Spielberg can relate to such a financial hit, though they paid way more.  Spielberg was married to Amy Irving for just four years, and he paid her around $100 million.  As for Kevin Costner, he gave his college sweetheart a hefty $80 million paycheck.  I suppose no divorce is truly amicable, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  Forty-five million dollars of fury to be exact.

Family Guy: Meg’s Teddy Bear Jumps to His Death

Every guy I know loves ‘Family Guy,’ and I confess I’m not a fan.  I don’t really get it and it’s not my style of funny.  But when a certain someone forced me to watch the clip below, I could not help but laugh.  I too often fear that my own teddy bear might get sick of me and try and kill himself.  What can I say? – Perhaps I’m still scarred from getting voted most annoying in seventh grade.  Poor Meg . . .

Blog Daily Roundup

  • Pierce Brosnan and his son, Sean Brosnan, will star in a film together.  Playlist
  • Mena Suvari married that guy that likes to grab her butt.  Radar Online
  • Mel Gibson’s Baby Mamma says he beat her up.  TMZ
  • Beyonce’s record label is worried that she’s still not speaking to her father.  Page Six
  • Simon Monjack’s mother is accusing Brittany Murphy’s mother of not calling the cops soon enough.  Contact Music
  • Fergie is not leaving the Black Eyed Peas.  Gossip Cop
  • Season 7 of Entourage is premiering soon.  Indie Wire
  • The world’s ugliest dog is very cute.  dlisted.

Ellen DeGeneres Gets a Variety Show – Will it Ever End?

Ellen DeGeneres is definitely capitalizing on her ‘American Idol’ attention.  First she starts a record label, and now she’s getting a variety show.  With the exception of my Julianne and Derek Hough idea, I don’t think the variety show format will work.  Rosie O’Donnell already failed at it, and just about every reality television show is basically a variety show anyways.  How would you classify ‘America’s Got Talent’?  The other thing that bothers me about this news, is that almost every time one of Ellen’s daytime guests tell her to get involved in something, she says that she doesn’t have the time.  I remember when Kathy Griffin told Ellen to do stand-up in Iraq, and Ellen said she gladly would but there just isn’t room in her schedule for it.  I guess her schedule is free after all. Watch the interview below at the three minute mark to see what I’m referring to.

Michael Jackson Coverage: Make it Stop

I loved him just as much as anyone else, but it’s time to close the book on the endless Michael Jackson coverage.  I found myself home on a Friday night channel surfing, and I came across another one of those Michael Jackson specials, where everyone who’s “close” to him, discusses who he really was.  Here’s the rundown: Neverland was a way for him to get the childhood that he never had; the molestation lawsuit changed him forever; and he was just so talented.  Apparently there are 5 million ways to say those three things.  It’s clear that no one being interviewed actually knew the guy, which means it’s just a bunch of speculation that I don’t need to see on every channel of my television.  So until his three children are old enough to do an interview, I’d like to declare a moratorium on this coverage.  If you miss him, just go rent ‘This is It.’  You’ll get to see his behind-the-scenes creative process, and feel free to loop it a gazillion times – that should do it.

Underrated Actor of the Week: Nicholas Hoult

You might remember Nicholas Hoult from the 2002 film, ‘About a Boy.’  Hoult played a bit of an outcast, and received a lot of praise for his performance.  At the time, Roger Ebert said that he liked that Holt isn’t “conventionally cute,” and every moment he has on screen is authentic.  Eight years later, I think it’s safe to say that Nicholas Hoult is now “conventionally cute.”   Since ‘About a Boy’, Hoult’s most known role is in the UK television show, ‘Skins’.  The main reason I chose him for this week’s post though, is because of his very touching performance in the 2005 film, ‘Wah-Wah.’  The film was written and directed by British actor Richard E. Grant, and it is loosely based on his own childhood in Swaziland, during the last days of the British Empire in Africa in the 1960’s.  The story is secondary to the characters, so keeping the audience engaged was a formidable task that Hoult easily lived up to.  I’m surprised that it didn’t garner more attention, but perhaps the limited release had something to do with it.  I realize he’s only 20, so it’s slightly odd to call him “underrated” at such a young age.  But with those great credits on his resume so far, I think it’s fitting.

Movie Review: Knight & Day – I Loved it!

Before I begin my review, I’d like to once again admit that I have a Tom Cruise bias. I love the guy. So I certainly went into the theater with my fingers crossed. Had I not liked the movie, I probably would have avoided writing my review altogether, as it could hurt my chances of ever having coffee with Tom Cruise. It is possible that he’ll invite me for coffee . . . isn’t it? Well, thank goodness the film was great. It was an action packed romantic comedy, that had me laughing from start to finish. I confess that I’m not a huge Cameron Diaz fan, but I now officially like her. What makes this film so enjoyable, is the guessing game about whether Tom Cruise is a good guy or a bad guy. He’s certainly very skilled at playing both sides, so we’re not sure who to root for. I imagine that if I was caught in the same situation as Cameron Diaz’s character, I’d probably just run off with Tom Cruise and hope for the best. After all, someone that good looking with such a nice smile can’t possibly be a bad guy – right? I advise all of my readers to go see this movie with a date. It crosses all genres, which means it’s great for everyone. It’s rare to find a movie worth watching these days, so find the time to see it on the big screen.

Blog Daily Roundup

  • Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reunite for son’s graduation.  Popsugar
  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar Files for divorce.  E! Online
  • Fergie may leave the Black Eyed Peas.  dlisted
  • Mel Gibson’s baby mamma actual filed a restraining order against him for domestic violence. TMZ
  • Oprah Winfrey’s new network, OWN, is accused of vote rigging in a new reality show.  Ace Showbiz
  • Trailer for Ben Stiller and Robert Dinero’s ‘Little Fockers.’  Hollywood Reporter
  • David Spade and Padma Lakshmi are dating?  OTL