Amy Purdy & Derek Hough’s Awe-Inspiring Tango — TAKE A LOOK

If there was ever any doubt about Derek Hough’s domination of Dancing With the Stars, watch his powerful performance of the Argentine Tango. Hough’s captivating choreography was shockingly created during Purdy’s back injury, forcing Purdy to watch as Hough executed the moves with another partner during practice. She therefore had an extremely short period of time to prepare for Monday’s show. If you watch the video below carefully, you’ll notice that Hough designed each move around Purdy’s injury to put less pressure on her back as they performed. He’s an artist.

Amy Purdy & Derek – Argentine Tango – DWTS 18… by IdolxMuzic

Amy Purdy Reveals Relationship Issues in Rumba — WATCH NOW

It doesn’t take a relationship guru to know that if your romance is strained, it’s probably not a good idea to publicly expose its flaws. When Amy Purdy and Derek Hough danced the Rumba on last night’s show, Purdy revealed that it’s difficult to do a “dance of love” when her own long-term relationship is failing. Apparently she can’t meet her partner’s needs and her busy schedule bothers her boyfriend. In fact, these issues have actually been brewing for 1.5 years, which is especially shocking considering her non-marital status. After all, shouldn’t you wait until marriage to be miserable? Watch the video package below, and take special note of how NOT to behave in your relationship, on facebook, and any other public forum. That poor guy.

Dancing With the Stars — Macy’s Stars of Dance Performance

Dancing With the Stars has upped the ante this year, with professional performances from their seasoned elite, along with modern music choices and more talented stars. While the jury is still out on the bid to regain their ratings, they’ve certainly given it their A-Game. Watch my personal favorite, Derek Hough, perform with a group of very talented dancers for a featured routine.

[HD] Macys Stars Of Dance – DWTS 18 (Party… by IdolxMuzic

Derek Hough and Amy Purdy Dance Contemporary — WATCH NOW

There’s a reason the Dancing With the Stars producers chose Derek Hough to dance with Amy Purdy, and it’s because he’s the best. Derek designed a routine perfectly suited for Purdy, with an increased level of difficulty that only Derek could balance. Watch the delicate dance below.

Derek Hough Wins an Emmy! WATCH ‘Hey Pachuco’

If you ever questioned Derek Hough’s status as the King of the Dancing With the Stars ballroom, question no more! The incredibly talented foot-master snagged an Emmy for his carefully crafted routine with his former gymnast partner, Shawn Johnson. In case you missed the brilliant performance, WATCH BELOW.

Derek Hough Makes Magic — Watch His Freestyle

There’s no doubt that Derek Hough is a top-caliber choreographer. But not even I expected his unprecedented freestyle routine. He not only deserves to win, he’s in a league beyond any of his competitors. Watch him and Kellie Pickler strip down their routine in favor of a contemporary masterpiece.

Derek Hough & Jaimie Goodwin Walk on Air — Mind-Bending Bonanza

Derek Hough consistently reaffirms why he’s the best professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars — or perhaps anywhere. His choreography continues to astound, and his performance to Kerli’s ‘Walking on Air’ was no exception. Watch the gravity-defying masterpiece below.

Dancing With the Stars Week 4 Results Recap — Who Went Home?

When Dancing With the Stars debuted, I was certain it would be a hit. Why? Because unlike other reality competition shows of a different format, even bad dancing is fun to watch. After years of devoted fandom, I sat in the audience for last night’s results show, and the experience far exceeded my expectations. It was country night, and my southern roots (wait . . . does Florida count?) were met with extreme elation when I saw Brad Paisley and The Band Perry.

The most moving moment of the night came from Brilynn Rakes & Derek Hough, who executed a beautiful and elegant dance as part of AT&T’s spotlight performance (see below).

The evening ended with a farewell to Lisa Vanderpump, who was my personal favorite for her personality alone. And speaking of personality, I was fortunate enough to get a first-hand look at Vanderpump’s furry friend, Jiggy, who is a surprisingly well-behaved dog, making not a peep despite the ballroom’s raucous applause.

Dancing With the Stars All-Star Edition — Exes From Hell?

The greatest thing about ABC’s decision to use all-stars for next season of Dancing With the Stars is the idea of celebrities returning to their ex boyfriends and girlfriends for the competition. Though it’s a long shot, perhaps Mario Lopez will be paired with Karina Smirnoff, Sabrina Bryan will reunite with Mark Ballas, Derek Hough will reconnect with Shannon Elizabeth, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy can pair up with Willa Ford or Erin Andrews. This is going to be good.