Derek Hough Ditches DWTS for NBC’s ‘World of Dance’

There is no bigger fan of Derek Hough than myself. But when today’s news broke that he’ll be joining Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez as judges for a new “dance competition that will feature solo artists competing against duos and crews in all genres of dance,” I couldn’t help but feel crestfallen. First, forgive me for wanting to see Hough actually dance rather than sit behind a judging table. I’d have preferred an X Factor format where each judge gets a team and competes with their own choreography. Hough should be choreographing a Broadway play, not doing this. Second, JLO’s judging days seem slightly overplayed. Unless her contribution on another talent show is significantly different than her previous stints, it feels as if she’s doing more talking than creating. Yes, she’s JLO and she can do both, but isn’t this more of a glorified money play than an actual quest to find dance talent. Lastly, I will ask the same question we ask on Passover. Why is this night/show different than other nights/shows? That remains to be seen.

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