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May 2010



‘Sex and The City 2’ Movie Review – I’m Luke Warm

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 I really wanted to like this movie.  I promise I did.  I was an avid fan of the series, and I threw a girls night out party for the first film.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like it.  It was merely okay.  The main problem involves the blaring lack of story.  The first act stays true to the tone of the series, with Carrie feeling that her marriage to Big has become stale, along with Charlotte experiencing the overwhelming demands of motherhood.  Then comes act two.  The girls go to Abu Dhabi, and the film creatively ends about 20 minutes into the excursion.  Abu Dhabi becomes the main character, and the girls become supporting players.  So much of the second act surrounds the surprise with Abu Dhabi’s grandor.  Wow! Look at this bathroom!  Wow!  Look at this shower!  Wow!  Everything is free!  When you find that all the dialogue in a film is about objects, I think the ship is sinking.  Aiden shows up briefly, and his appearance reminded me of another problem in the film – where are the men?!  Mr. Big is barely in it, and all the other supporting actors that we’ve grown to love are unused.  I kept praying that Smith Jared would swoop in to win back Samantha, but to no avail.  And I hate to admit this (gosh, I really hate it), but Samantha on the prowl came off as pathetic.  I don’t think it’s because she’s too old to be on the prowl, or that she isn’t as hot as she used to be (she’s still very hot), it’s that it simply didn’t work.  Perhaps it’s because I just want her to be with Smith, or it’s that it felt like a backwards leap – I can’t quite put my finger on why it didn’t work.  All I can say is . . . it didn’t work.  When the third act came around I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Mr. Big will be back and boy do I love me some Mr. Big.  Well, I am sad to even call it a third act because it was probably under five minutes.  They quickly tied the “story” up with a big pink bow and ended the film.  I sat through 2 hours of Abu Dhabi for five minutes with Mr. Big?!  I’m pained to hit the publish button on this post.  I so badly wanted this film to be good, and the critics to be wrong.  So that I can sleep well tonight, I will tell you that the film is still worth seeing.  I love these women, I love these characters, and I love the fashion.  Go pay tribute!