Podcast Reveals Truth About Kim Cattrall / Sarah Jessica Parker Feud

Sex and the City

The Truth Behind Cattrall’s Demands

The third chapter of James Andrew Miller’s Origins podcast explores the now infamous feud between Kim Cattrall and . . . seemingly everyone else involved in HBO’s Sex and the City. According to showrunner Michael Patrick King, the issues arose over money and marketing.

The show doesn’t exist if Sarah Jessica wasn’t the blond star of the show, that’s No. 1. Kim was not at the height of her career, Kristin was under her in terms of notability, Cynthia was a theater actress — and their contracts reflected that status

As for why Sarah Jessica Parker was the solo player on all the movie posters? Michael Patrick King explains that because Sarah was the legitimate movie star when the show launched,  it therefore makes sense to utilize her star power for all publicity-related materials.

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Sarah Jessica Parker Debuts city.ballet — A Full Review


Sarah Jessica Parker, at the premiere screening of city.ballet
Sarah Jessica Parker, at the premiere screening of city.ballet

AOL On Originals, launched its newest documentary series, city.ballet, which takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the New York City Ballet’s premium dancers. Having danced ballet for the majority of my life, it became immediately clear to me that the series delivers on its promise to portray the many sacrifices made by professional dancers.

Conceived by executive producer and NYCB board member Sarah Jessica Parker, and produced by Pretty Matches Productions and Zero Point Zero Production, the series takes you through each step of a dancer’s journey, from the moment of graduating ballet school to the most-coveted position as a principal dancer in a major ballet company. With each step comes a different role with a different set of challenges, including apprentice, corps member, soloist, and finally, principal dancer. While I gave up my pursuit of professional dancing, it’s still very close to my heart, and this series was a wonderful reminder of all the details associated with my journey. Watch the intriguing documentary by CLICKING HERE.

Rob Lowe & Bradley Cooper Insult Sarah Jessica Parker — Two Idiots

When celebrities insult other celebrities, it either makes me extremely happy or extremely annoyed. If the subject of the insult is actually a jerk, I think it’s great to publicly expose bad behavior. But they better be a jerk. Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper recently insulted Sarah Jessica Parker on ‘The Graham Norton Show,’ and after seeing their complaints, it occurred to me that Rob Lowe and Bradley Cooper are the jerks in the story. According to Lowe, Parker was pissed that Lowe got her eye color wrong in his new book and she told a third party who relayed the message. Cooper has a similar story. He appeared beside Parker in an episode of ‘Sex and the City,’ and Parker asked someone to tell Cooper not to stick his tongue in her mouth. Apparently, both these stories mean Sarah Jessica Parker is rude. Explain to me why it’s intrinsically rude to relay an awkward message through a third party. In fact, I often relay messages to third parties even when the subject himself is present. For example, I might turn to the person on my right and say, “isn’t this guy to my left super annoying?” Watch them discuss the story below.
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‘Sex and The City 2’ Movie Review – I’m Luke Warm

 I really wanted to like this movie.  I promise I did.  I was an avid fan of the series, and I threw a girls night out party for the first film.  Unfortunately, I didn’t like it.  It was merely okay.  The main problem involves the blaring lack of story.  The first act stays true to the tone of the series, with Carrie feeling that her marriage to Big has become stale, along with Charlotte experiencing the overwhelming demands of motherhood.  Then comes act two.  The girls go to Abu Dhabi, and the film creatively ends about 20 minutes into the excursion.  Abu Dhabi becomes the main character, and the girls become supporting players.  So much of the second act surrounds the surprise with Abu Dhabi’s grandor.  Wow! Look at this bathroom!  Wow!  Look at this shower!  Wow!  Everything is free!  When you find that all the dialogue in a film is about objects, I think the ship is sinking.  Aiden shows up briefly, and his appearance reminded me of another problem in the film – where are the men?!  Mr. Big is barely in it, and all the other supporting actors that we’ve grown to love are unused.  I kept praying that Smith Jared would swoop in to win back Samantha, but to no avail.  And I hate to admit this (gosh, I really hate it), but Samantha on the prowl came off as pathetic.  I don’t think it’s because she’s too old to be on the prowl, or that she isn’t as hot as she used to be (she’s still very hot), it’s that it simply didn’t work.  Perhaps it’s because I just want her to be with Smith, or it’s that it felt like a backwards leap – I can’t quite put my finger on why it didn’t work.  All I can say is . . . it didn’t work.  When the third act came around I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Mr. Big will be back and boy do I love me some Mr. Big.  Well, I am sad to even call it a third act because it was probably under five minutes.  They quickly tied the “story” up with a big pink bow and ended the film.  I sat through 2 hours of Abu Dhabi for five minutes with Mr. Big?!  I’m pained to hit the publish button on this post.  I so badly wanted this film to be good, and the critics to be wrong.  So that I can sleep well tonight, I will tell you that the film is still worth seeing.  I love these women, I love these characters, and I love the fashion.  Go pay tribute!

Sex and the City 2 Cast Interview With Entertainment Weekly – Read the Highlights

I’d recommend getting the entire interview because they discuss the history of the show.  But read the highlights below.

Sarah Jessica Parker on her favorite scene
“[I]t’s the “up the butt” one.  If I had to pick one scene that people are like, “That’s what that show is!” in the worst possible way, it’s that one.  But in the best way, too.”

Kristin Davis on her first day with Sarah Jessica Parker
“Sarah Jessica had this big thing of Krispy Kreme doughnuts,a nd she invited me to her trailer.  She said, “Let’s hang out and get to know each other.”  We had 18 hour days, so we bonded pretty quickly.  The most famous person on the set, you take their lead.”

David Eigenberg (Steve) on auditioning for the show
“I remember having to fake an orgasm in their office once.  That was awful.”

Jason Lewis (Smith) on his first day with the show
“I was nervous as hell . . . .  I was supposed to be objectified by 30 or 40 women.  It was like a kid going to his first day at a new school . . . and I realized I didn’t know a single soul.  And then Kristin Davis came by and swooped me up.”

Chris Noth (Big) on the show in general
“it was just fucking funny in a way that’s irreverent, in a way that TV never was before.”

Sarah Jessica Parker Insists that She and Kim Cattrall Don’t Hate Each Other

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s new interview with Marie Claire, she was asked the invetiable question.  Is it true that she and Kim Cattrall hate each other?  No, insists Parker.  So why the rumors?  “Because the press has to put women in these boxes,” says Parker.  “Rather than show them as the movie portrays them: working together and being powerful.”  While it’s true that the press is filled with some blood sucking maggots, this particular rumor happens to have some merit.  There was a time when the ‘Sex and the City’ film was shelved, and Kim Cattrall was to supposedly to blame.  In fact, Kristin Davis admitted on Letterman that everyone was on board for the original film except one person.  Cattrall’s camp even released statements to the press that she had no interest in doing the film.  Cattrall said that she turned it down because “the timing wasn’t right.”  Though I’m guessing she was either offered more money or she realized that it was probably a good career move to continue the franchise.