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June 2010



Jerry Seinfeld is a Very Rich Man – What Do You Think Seinfeld Makes Every Year?

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I knew that Jerry Seinfeld was rich, I just didn’t know he was this rich.  Seinfeld rakes in about $60 million per year on the show, while the total earnings for ‘Seinfeld’ since 1998 equate to $2.3 billion.  What I find particularly interesting about these numbers, is that ‘Seinfeld’ would never have gotten on the air if it was pitched to NBC today.  Furthermore, if it did get on the air, I’m certain NBC would have quickly canceled it in year one, as the show didn’t gain any viewer traction until season 2 when they added Elaine.  Networks just don’t have the same kind of creative patience and forethought that they used to.  To get a show on the air today, you have to pitch something like “there is this group of people that want to destroy the earth, and the only person that can save the planet is a convicted serial murderer that’s about to be executed.”  Oh wow – that’s actually pretty good.  If you take that idea NBC, I’ll sue you.