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July 2010



Where Did All the Good Movies Go?

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Ever since Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch, there has been a lot of talk about how he “fell from grace.”  It’s possible that he’s responsible for his own demise, but what of all the other A-list actors that haven’t had hits in years?  What about Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Jim Carrey, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, and Eddie Murphy?  Did all these guys jump on Oprah’s couch?  It’s not as if younger actors are taking the place of these Hollywood veterans.  Who’s the new action star that replaced Bruce Willis?  And what comedic actor is the new Jim Carrey?  So what’s the answer?  The painful truth is that Hollywood just isn’t making good movies anymore.  The days of risk-taking and creativity are over.  We have entered an era of butchering our coveted classics with painful remakes, and extending a franchise way beyond its welcome.  Why?  Because it’s easy and cheap.  It simply does not cost the studio as much money to promote a remake.  We all know what ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is about, so the title alone is enough – no need to see the trailer more than once.  It’s less of a risk, because the nostalgia will automatically bring people to the theater.  It also only requires two brain cells to come up with a remake, so pure laziness is another possible factor.  I understand that we are all a bunch of hypocrites that speak with out wallets (given that these movies all make money), but when there is no competition, our love for the theater means we’ll go no matter what – with or without quality.  So the next time you start your A-list actor bashing, ask yourself whose fault their slump is – the studio or the actor.