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August 2010



Lea Michele Loves her Jewish Nose — She’s My Hero

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I’d like to officially welcome Lea Michele into my big-schnoz Jew club.  You only gain admittance if you like your shnoz, so I’m honored to grant her membership.  You might remember that I recently picked on Lea for her drastic weight loss, but after her recent quote, all is forgotten.  Lea told Us Weekly that she has no desire for a ridiculous, button-nose, as she’s always been proud of her “Jewish nose.”  In an industry where many actors have nose jobs, I find her attitude refreshing — plus, she’s gorgeous.  Maybe this is the beginning of a movement.  This also provides a perfect opportunity for me to feature women in the industry that have copped to nose jobs.  Enjoy!


Lisa Kudrow admitted to Allure magazine that she had nose surgery at 16 to correct her “hook nose.” Kudrow was raised Jewish, and looked much different before entering the Hollywood beauty salon. To see a picture of what she used to look like, click here.

Like Lisa Kudrow, Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey is a Jewish girl with a nose job. Grey attributes her career downswing to her “nose job from hell,” which she thinks left her unrecognizable. Unlike Kudrow, Grey got her nose job after having already made it in the industry, which was likely the problem. I’m not sure I would agree that the nose job alone is responsible for her career problems. Many actors only have two or three big roles in their career.  Go easy on yourself Grey.


Ashley Tisdale should have had a sit-down with Jennifer Grey before getting her nose job. She already had an adorable nose, but for some reason craved the infamous and reprehensible button-nose. She later blamed it on a deviated septum, but it became immediately clear that it was a cosmetic procedure. To see a before and after, click here.

Ashlee Simpson makes my list, because her nose job was so drastic. Though she never fully confessed it, the transformation is so obvious, I call it an “implied admission.” Prior to her nose job, she went on the record saying how much she loved her nose, and was fine not looking like everyone else. I guess that didn’t last long. Let’s hope that unlike Simpson, Lea Michele is telling the truth when she says she loves her nose. To see a before and after of Simpson, click here.

The Biggest Loser’s Jillian Michaels is on my nose job shit-list. Not only did she admit to having one, but she said it was a great thing for her to do. Shes feels “much better about herself” now. Good job, Jillian. I’m glad plastic surgery solved your insecurity — I think everyone should do it.