Celebrity Look-Alikes: George Clooney and Carey Grant

I’ve often said that George Clooney is the Cary Grant of today’s generation. Not only do they look alike, but their careers as leading men are also similar. The only main difference between their resumes, is that Carey Grant wasn’t afraid of romantic comedies. Grant was owned by Paramount Pictures though (and later by Columbia Pictures), at a time when the big studios held the power in Hollywood. Now, the actors hold the power, and they get to decide what their next project will be.  That means that actors like Clooney can pick and choose as they please, and don’t have to act in every film produced by the studio, with whom they were under contract.  I cannot decide whether that’s good or bad, but I wonder if Clooney would have turned down a film like Bringing up Baby.  Perhaps Hollywood isn’t even making those films anymore — I certainly haven’t seen any.  If actors hold the power though, maybe they should start reading scripts to find the next His Girl Friday.  After all, someone has to do the studio’s job.

2 thoughts on “Celebrity Look-Alikes: George Clooney and Carey Grant”

  1. No, they have only a basic resemblance in being ‘classically handsome.’ I did think that CG’s use of ‘darling’ was borrowed by Roger Moore …. and RM probably borrowed not a few CG mannerisms. Also, in the first couple of Sean Connery Bonds, he uses, “ummmm,” and “yesssss” a few times, which serves as comic effect, making him appear as a very strange uncle. I recall that Grant did use “yesssss” a few times, “Yesss, darling …”

    I suppose if CG had appeared in Dr. No, he would have replied to “I admire your luck, Mr ……..?”
    “Yesssss….. Bond, James Bond, darling ….”

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