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August 2010



Sylvester Stallone Says Tim Burton Ruined Action Stars

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Sylvester Stallone discussed his new film, The Expendables, on Howard Stern, and he explained his very interesting theory that the Michael Keaton and Tim Burton Batman film, ruined action stars.  The reason? — body suits.  Stallone contends that Tim Burton introduced the body-suit, which comes with built-in muscles.  That means that scrawny guys like Michael Keaton and Tobey Maguire can play action heroes, and guys like Stallone, who were valuable because of their real muscles, are no longer needed.  Who knew Stallone was so darn cerebral?  The theory actually had me scratching my head for a bit, and then I asked myself a very important question.  If I was about to be attacked in a dark alley, would I want a spandex version of Tobey Maguire to rescue me, or a muscle clad Stallone dressed in ordinary clothes?  I’d pick Stallone.  Something tells me Tobey’s unitard wouldn’t help me much. // ]]>