Kings of Leon Say No to Glee — Won’t “Sell-Out” — Or Make Money

Kings of Leon have standards.  In fact, their standards are so high that it might force their career into an early grave.  They recently said that they don’t watch Glee, and they have no interest in having their songs featured on the show.  They also turned down a very lucrative movie opportunity to have their song featured in a trailer, presumably based on some bull-shit principle.  I’m not sure what the problem is with expanding your music resume, particularly on a great show like Glee, which draws attention to some of the best songs ever written.  I guess that Kings of Leon know something that Paul McCartney doesn’t, because the legendary Beatle didn’t seem to have an issue with “selling-out,” given that he asked to have his songs featured on the hit show.  Are these uber-proud douches better than Paul?  And what’s wrong with having your song in a movie?  Did Simon & Garfunkel sell-out with The Graduate?  I would encourage lead singer Caleb Followill to change his attitude before his pride swallows his career.

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