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August 2011



Kim Kardashian Loses $75,000 Earring — High Maintenance?

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At times in my life I’ve been accused of being “high maintenance.” Though I’m certainly a plant that needs constant watering, I can assure you — I am not as high maintenance as Kim Kardashian. During a trip to Bora Bora with her then boyfriend Kris Humphries, Humphries threw her in the ocean, which caused her to lose a $75,000 earring. As a result, she cried hysterically while Humphries looked puzzled. Perhaps she shouldn’t wear diamonds to the ocean? Maybe next time she’ll wear a full gown too. At least she makes her man a ton of money — that probably makes up for the headache he received later that day. As an aside, Kim’s face disturbingly doesn’t move when she cries. Too much botox?

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