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October 2012



The Lumineers Cover Sawmill Joe — Who is Sawmill Joe?

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20121003-103836.jpgThere’s nothing better than when a popular band generously brings attention to an up-and-comer. And this week’s gold star goes to The Lumineers who killed it last night at The Fonda. During their set they covered a song by a man named Sawmill Joe and encouraged the audience to look him up. So I did. And the guy is just as good as I anticipated. He’s got a country blues grit in his voice that makes him sound as if he’s been doing this for a million years, only he’s shockingly younger than you’d think. He lives in Denver, and he works a day job at a sawmill (get it?), which likely explains the authenticity behind his music. Listen to his music below, and click HERE to find him on Facebook.

  • fansawmill

    I am a huge fan of the Lumineers but no one sings Ain’t Nobody’s Problem better than Sawmill Joe!!! Grateful the Lumineers are doing so well and that they can give recognition where it is due!!

  • Thecolonel

    I had never heard of the lumineers until joe Cheves allowed them to play one of his many great songs