3D Movies Cause a Major Ticket Price Increase

Attention movie lovers!  You might not be able to afford the movies anymore.  This 3D movie craze is greatly costing the consumer.  Ticket prices for 3D movies have increased by 20%, and just about every upcoming movie will be in 3D, in an effort by studios to drain us of every last penny.  This 3D craze hasn’t been in effect long enough to see how moviegoers will respond.  I hate ‘Avatar’ more and more everyday for this crap.  The whole reason I even went to see ‘Avatar’ was because I thought it was this unique event that I wouldn’t be able to ever get again, especially if I were to rent the movie later.  Now that every film is in 3D, I’ll definitely think twice about spending the money.  It’s not worth the $20 dollars or the subsequent headache and eye pain that I get after seeing it.  Ticket buyers need to “vote with their wallets.”      

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