‘Alice in Wonderland’ Makes 208 Million Dollars in 10 Days!

I don’t even think the studio predicted this much success.  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ came in #1 at the Box Office for the second weekend in a row, raking in $62 million.  Matt Damon’s ‘The Green Zone,’ didn’t even come close to that kind of success.  The film pretty much tanked at the Box Office, making only $14.5 million, with a budget of 100 million.  I think it is fair to say that the film won’t make its money back.  Is this really a surprise?  I don’t think anyone wants to see films about Iraq.  If you want to argue with me about that by citing ‘The Hurt Locker,’ I’d like to remind you that despite the film’s Oscar success, “The Hurt Locker’ was not a financial success.  People want to be entertained with movies like ‘Alice,’ that are far removed from their life.  See some scary ‘Alice’ fans below.


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