Ben Stiller Reveals the Truth Behind Sacha Baron Cohen’s Squashed Oscar Bit

Ben Stiller was on Howard Stern last week and discussed his nixed ‘Avatar’ bit that he was set to do with Sacha Baron Cohen at the Oscars.  Many of you might remember Stiller dressed in blue at the Oscars, while making fun of ‘Avatar.’  Stiller was originally supposed to do the bit with Sacha Baron Cohen, who backed out at the last minute, allegedly because Oscar Producer’s feared that Cohen would offend James Cameron.  Cameron came forward and said that he didn’t mind being made fun of, but many still thought that Cameron’s feelings were behind the nixed bit.  Stiller put the rumors to rest, saying that Cohen himself pulled out of the bit, and it had nothing to do with either Cameron or Oscar Producers.  Click on the link below to watch Stiller at the Oscars. 

Stiller Making fun of Avatar 

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