Dancing With the Stars Reveals Season 10 Cast–>I am Disappointed

Here is the lineup for Season 10: Pamela Anderson; Kate Gosselin ; Shannon Doherty; Nicole Scherzinger; Erin Andrews; Niecy Nash; Evan Lysacek; Aiden Turner; Jake Pavelka; Chad Ochocinco; and Buzz Aldrin.  This lineup makes me mad.  First of all, this show was originally supposed to be about putting has-beens or relatively unknowns back into the spotlight.  It is not supposed to be about putting people into an even greater spotlight than they are already in.  Evan Lysacek just won a gold medal for goodness sakes!  If you want a gold medalist, choose Greg Louganis, who is a diving legend and was vying for the spot.  Nicole Scherzinger!?  Where are the has-beens!?  Okay fine – Shannon Doherty and Pamela Anderson make me happy. 

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