Nigel Lythgoe Confirms that Twitch Will Return to ‘So You You Think You Can Dance’

This is great news.  Stephen Boss, also known as “Twitch,” was one of my favorite dancers on SYTYCD, so I am very happy about his return!  To update everyone, this season’s SYTYCD has a different format.  Instead of pairing the contestants with other contestants for dancing partners, they will be bringing back former contestants or “all stars.”  This way, only one person will be eliminated each week without offsetting the partnering balance.  Some of the other changes include: Mary Murphy as a choreographer instead of a full time judge, and Mia Michaels return as a judge and a choreographer.  Mia Michaels was nominated for an Emmy for choreographing Twitch’s performance to ‘Mercy’ by Duffy.  Watch that performance below.     

SYTYCD – Twitch and Katee ~ Mercy on JiggyStudio Dance Videos

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