Simon Cowell Will Receive Honorary Emmy

Simon Cowell is receiving an International Emmy Founders Award for “having reshaped 21st century television and music around the world.” According to Bruce Paisner, President of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Cowell has “changed the face of TV around the world.” Wow, that is quite the honor. Although ‘American Idol’ has been very successful, let us not forget that that show was Simon Fuller’s idea and not Simon Cowell’s. It began as ‘Pop Idol’ in England. Furthermore, ‘X Factor,’ is Cowell’s ripoff of Fuller’s idea, which Fuller later sued him for. The matter settled out of court and now Fuller is credited as a creator on ‘X Factor.’ I’m not saying he isn’t worthy of the honor, but lets not sit around and pretend the guy is Aaron Spelling. I think he’s more of a Television personality than he is a series creator.

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