The Academy Explains Why Farrah Fawcett Wasn’t Featured in the ‘In Memoriam’ Montage

Bruce Davis, the Executive Director of the Academy, has explained that he chose to leave Fawcett out of the “In Memoriam” montage at the Academy Awards because she is best known for her television work, and she should therefore be honored at the Emmys instead.  Keep in mind that Davis has a very difficult job.  Each year, the Academy is notified of members that have passed.  Davis has the heartbreaking task of sifting through the list to determine who should be featured in the montage.  Due to time constraints, it is simply impossible to feature everyone.   Davis has described the process as “agonizing.”  My good friend’s uncle, Howard Zieff, the director of ‘My Girl’ and ‘Private Benjamin,’ was featured in this year’s montage.  I asked her how her family was notified.  She explained that you can call a private number where you are personally told.  This made me realize that Fawcett’s family, who was “stunned” by the snub, might have known prior to the montage that she would not be featured.  It’s possible they just assumed she would be in it though and didn’t call.   

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