Bruno Tonioli Lays into Kate Gosselin on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Bruno is not very nice.  He went on ‘Lopez Tonight’ and called Kate Gosselin “dreadful crap.”  This poor woman.  She is the only contestant on the show that actually represents what the show was originally supposed to be about: taking non-dancers and pairing them up with professionals.  Unfortunately, almost every contestant on ‘DWTS’ this season has professional experience.  Gee, I wonder if a gold medal figure skater can dance on the floor instead of the ice?  Or if a Pussycat Doll can convert dancing on the stage to dancing in the ballroom?  It just isn’t fair.  At least she’s getting paid a big some of money though to be insulted.  Watch his tirade below.

VIDEO: Dancing With The Stars’ Bruno Tonioli: “Kate Is Pretty Dreadful — She’s Crap” |

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