Dreamworks and Paramount Pissed about Shrek Photoshoot (See the Pics)

Who would think that a cartoon could cause a sexy photo-shoot controversy?  VMan Magazine shot some promo pics for ‘Shrek Forever After,’ and Dreamworks and Paramount are not very happy with the result.  Paramount released a statement saying, “while we do respect Vman’s creative vision, the shoot did not turn out the way originally envisioned when the idea was first presented by the magazine. In hindsight, we would have declined to include the Shrek characters in such a magazine spread.”  The idea was supposed to be modeled after The Harper’s Bazaar photo spread that featured ‘The Simpson’s’ characters.  Needless to say, VMan is no Harper’s Bazaar.  Click the link below to find out what all the outrage is about.

Shrek Photo Shoot 

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