Jennifer Aniston Unveils New Fragrance Ad – She’s Naked Again

Dear Hollywood actresses everywhere – stop blaming Hollywood for sexism, ageism, and fatism, and start blaming your fellow actresses.  Actresses are constantly whining about the weight, beauty, and age pressures put on them by Hollywood, yet every time I look at a magazine, I see an actress posing nude on the cover.  Let me guess – you go to the photo shoot, and the photographer says, “you know what would be really creative?  If you got naked with nothing but a tie.”  Do you just say yes without thinking twice?  Next time you do, think about how, many years from now, or perhaps even months from now, you might put on a little weight, not look quite as stunning, and try and get an acting job.  When you find yourself squirming for roles, ask yourself whose fault it is.

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