The Dish – Tabloid Review

Jesse James completed sex rehab, and was spotted without his wedding ring.  After reading this story, it occurred to me that my parents haven’t worn wedding rings for twenty years.  Since the absence of wedding rings is such big news in the tabloids, I called them to ask why.  They both said the same thing: “I find it annoying.”  Well, there you have it.

Brooke Mueller allegedly left Charlie Sheen and moved out of the house, amidst reports that he cheated on her with Angelina Tracy.  Luckily the kids can’t read yet.  If you find yourself cheating on everyone you’ve been with, maybe you should just be single.  It’s much less of a headache and you can still pay for hookers.

Jenna Jameson’s boyfriend, Tito Ortiz, was arrested for domestic violence.  Jameson told TMZ that even though the incident “wasn’t minor,” she hopes to work things out.  This is a pretty scary story.  Tito Ortiz is an ultimate fighter, so I imagine she was terrified.  This is why I only date men that I can take down if need be.  Hear that honey?

Larry King and Shawn King are possibly working things out.  Good for them.  

Donald Trump has an explanation for Brett Michaels’ tragic brain hemorrhage.  He thinks it has something to do with the head injury that Michaels sustained while performing at the 2009 Tonys.  Is Donald Trump a doctor now?  

Kate Gosselin’s children received the work permits necessary for them to appear on ‘Kate Plus 8.’  Shouldn’t she be paying Jon Gosselin alimony? 

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