Michael Bay Fires Megan Fox on ‘Transformers 3’ – Did She Want to be Fired?!

Michael Bay decided not to exercise Megan Fox’s option on the third Transformers movie, and Hollywood is abuzz that her career is basically over. My take? She wanted to be sacked. Michael Bay joins Brett Ratner on my list of director douchebags in Hollywood, and Fox had no qualms about publicly exposing this. She made the press rounds insulting Michael Bay, often calling him a tyrant, and equating him to Hitler. She was portrayed as an ungrateful newcomer for doing so, but she isn’t the first. Bruce Willis also went on the record to insult Michael Bay (who he worked with on ‘Armageddon’). When asked if Michael Bay would make a good director for Die Hard 4, Willis said that Bay would have “ruined” the movie, and that “few people will work with him now, and [Willis] will never work with him again.”  Perhaps Megan Fox didn’t want to undergo more torture so she came up with a crafty way to get the shit can. 

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