New York Magazine Calls Out Lost – "You Betrayed Us"

Emily Nussbaum of New York Magazine wrote a very long, detailed article about everything that ‘Lost’ did wrong.  It’s getting a lot of attention, mainly because she’s merely reiterating the fan backlash about the final episode.  The main complaint is that the creators of the series did not properly map out the storyline, as they had promised.  All along they told us that they had a plan in mind, while they were instead making it up as they went along.  That’s the argument anyways.  Personally, I stopped watching the show after Season 1.  I seem to be the only person on the planet that got angry about it being science fiction.  Apparently, the intention from day one was to make the show science fiction, and I didn’t get the memo.  Anyways, read the article at your own risk (I’ve posted the link below).  It’s pretty harsh, but as ‘Lost’ showrunner Damon Lindelof has said, “if you get to close to the sun, you are going to get burned.”

New York Magazine

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