The CW Unveils ‘Nikita’ – Maggie Q. Might be the Skinniest Spy in History

So I opened last week’s Variety and discovered the article about The CW’s new spy television show, ‘Nikita.’  Before even reading the story, I noticed a picture of Maggie Q. in a bikini looking seriously under weight.  It’s no secret that I favor curvy girls (and no that’s not because I have a gigantic ass), but shouldn’t you have some muscle on you when you’re a spy?  Even Jennifer Garner had some meat on her bones when she did ‘Alias.’  I think that CW president Dawn Ostroff has a hard-on for skinny chicks, as the 90210 girls (Shenae Grimes, Jessica Stroup, and AnnaLynne McCord) garnered the same criticism that I’m giving Maggie Q.  I’m surprised Maggie Q. even took this job, given that she’s been a movie actress (remember that red dress in Mission Impossible III?).  I’m sure The CW paid her bank though, and after all, Martin Sheen made a shit-ton of money on ‘The West Wing.’  Hopefully she’ll eat some burgers to beef up for this role (pun intended).  Watch a preview of the show below.

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