Howard Stern is on Vacation – AGAIN!

I understand that Howard Stern is probably the only uber-successful person in the entertainment industry that still has to work tortuous hours, but if you are going to spend every other week on vacation, you better make damn well sure that your programming is in order.  For two weeks straight, Stern is playing “The History of Howard Stern,” presumably because Howard Stern is an insatiable ego-maniac.  Chris Rock just appeared on the show, and said that he called Stern on his personal number the last time he was on vacation, and told him to “stop playing this crap.” Stern thought it was a prank call, and immediately hung up.  He then assured Chris Rock that his listeners “love” ‘The History of Howard Stern,” and it’s the most popular thing they play.  Here’s a little tip that I hope Stern reads: when the funniest man in America tells you that your content sucks – your content sucks.  It wouldn’t bother me so much if Stern’s actual show was available on his other channel.  That’s right – Stern has two channels for programming, and neither one is playing his radio show.  Instead, you’re either stuck hearing every mundane detail of Howard Stern’s existence, or listening to the boring radio hosts that Stern cherry picked to broadcast on his other channel.  You might question my Stern loyalty after reading this post, but I assure you that I’m a fan.  And as a fan, I’d like to listen to the show.  Further reading: Was Howard Stern’s Vacation Really a Contract Negotiation?

Update: One of my readers pointed me to this article.  If you want to know how many vacation days Stern takes, click here.

Update #2: Apparently, I’m not the only one annoyed by this.  To hear Hitler’s reaction to Howard Stern’s vacation time, click here.

5 thoughts on “Howard Stern is on Vacation – AGAIN!”

  1. I am jealous of Howard’s schedule…..and I am a school teacher!!!! Must be nice to make a bazilliiion dollars, work a four day week, and have this much vacation, then have the nads to whine about how hard he works. Can’t blame him though ..he built the empire and created the demand.!!!

    1. Yeah, I agree. Part of me thinks he works really hard, because I’m not sure
      any amount of money could make me wake up at 4:00am every day. Another part
      of me thinks he’s a major whiner, considering he gets paid so much money and
      basically gets two months off. I’m on the fence. I still think his
      vacation programming sucks though.

  2. If he does not appreciate hard work quit. He should also tell viewers ahead of time when he is going on vacation.

  3. It beginning to not be worth the dollars I spend to get his show. Howard, should have the balls to tell the listeners when he’s not going to be on air the following week. Yes it’s getting old.

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