Jason Bateman Cuts the Apple Line – Customers are Furious

I wasn’t going to report on this because I didn’t think it was newsworthy, but I’ve changed my mind.  Actor Jason Bateman is receiving a storm of criticism for cutting the line at Apple to get his iphone 4.  After waiting five hours in line, Apple employees escorted him inside to “avoid the papparazi.”  The crowd was understandably furious, but Bateman denied that he was booed.  Us Weekly stands by its claim though, and many witnesses confirm the outrage.  I actually love this story.  I hear that Apple won’t allow other people to pick up your phone, which means that celebrities cannot send their personal assistants to endure the torture of the Apple line.  So I guess the only choice to avoid standing with the mere commoners, is to throw some ‘Arrested Development’ weight around.  I’m surprised the people in line didn’t tackle him to the ground.  Click on the link below to see the very funny picture of Bateman engaging in his guilty behavior.

Jason Bateman Cuts the Line

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