Pauly Shore Reveals His Legal Battle Over ‘The Comedy Store’ on Howard Stern

If you’ve ever sat back and wondered how someone like Pauly Shore rose to fame (if even for a fleeting second), this post will answer your question.  Pauly Shore revealed on Howard Stern today that he has been in a legal battle with his brother since his mother, Mitzvi Shore, left them ‘The Comedy Store.’   ‘The Comedy Store’ is a very famous comedy club in Los Angeles, where many of the most well-known comedians in history got their start.  It therefore only makes sense that Pauly Shore became a “comedian.”   After all, if someone is giving you a revered stage with no questions asked, it’s likely that you’ll make a few bucks.  Well, Shore’s less “successful” sibling isn’t having the shared arrangement, and is pursuing legal action against Shore for full control of the venue.  If you’re confused by this information, you’re not alone.  When I heard the interview the following thoughts occurred to me:  1) Pauly Shore is still alive?; 2) Pauly Shore is still alive?

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