8 Reasons I Love Leonardo DiCaprio

With the success of Inception, I’ve decided to write a post professing my love for Leonardo DiCaprio. In an effort to prove that my love is based on more than looks — I’m going to take the time to substantiate my obsession.

1. He picks directors, not scripts. DiCaprio is known for having great taste in directors. Many actors make the mistake of choosing roles based on the script alone, but not DiCaprio. He knows that film-making is a director’s medium, and it therefore makes sense to choose those at the top of their game.  This includes Martin Scorsese, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Danny Boyle, and Christopher Nolan.

2. He stays out of the tabloids. Many actors insist that the paparazzi are unavoidable.  If that were true, DiCaprio would make the rounds in Us Weekly, yet you never see pictures of him. He’s managed to maintain a successful career without all the nonsense.

3. His demons are under control. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, DiCaprio confessed that he never engaged in the Los Angeles party scene. “I was never into drugs at all,” he said. “There aren’t stories of me in a pool of my own vomit in a hotel room on the Hollywood Strip.”

4. He survived the child star transition. DiCaprio got his foot in the door on Growing Pains, and he avoided all the quintessential pitfalls of childhood stardom.

5. He’s loyal. He starred with Kate Winslet in Titanic, and judging from her speech at the Golden Globes, they’ve remained great friends ever since. They starred in Revolutionary Road together, which also proves he’s not afraid of the Titanic comparisons.

6. He doesn’t use his personal life to advance his career. Many actors love to walk the red carpet as a “power couple.” Not DiCaprio. Though he’s had high profile romances, he doesn’t talk about them.

7.  He’s a great actor.  Enough said.

8.  He’s great looking.  Alright, I’m superficial.  But what’s wrong with liking pretty things?

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