Angelina Jolie v. Jennifer Aniston — I’m Over It!

The latest issue of Us Weekly has another Jennifer/Angelina faux feud, and I’m going to burn it in a bonfire behind my house.  Actually, I don’t know how to start a fire, so nevermind.  I’ll just use The Dishmaster as a forum to vent my anger.  Do you think the folks over at Us Weekly have a list of back-up covers in case they hit tabloid writer’s block?  Maybe the editor-in-chief says, “since Jennifer Aniston probably still hates Angelina Jolie — lets just print that one again!  Great idea!”  While I’m sure that Jennifer Aniston carries an Angelina voodoo doll in her purse, I’m certainly done hearing about it.  How many times can you tell the same story?  Boy marries girl-next-door, boy shoots movie with sultry vixen, boy cheats on girl, girl is devastated for life.  And there you have it. That reminds me — I’ve gotta go read Us Weekly.

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